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How it Works if Your A Lawn Owner

This site allows you to find a lawn maintenance contractor by zipcode. If you are looking for lawn maintenance services there is no signup required and no one at Lawnsearch will ever ask for any personal information. Simply click on the "Find a Lawn Contractor" link, input your zip code and click "Submit" to view lawn contractors in your area. Click on their name to narrow down the search by viewing their profile. Always ask for references before meeting with a contractor. Go look at lawns he has mowed and always have someone you know with you and always be safe with strangers as you would if you found their name in a phone book or on a website. Ask if he has insurance and meets all  government requirements including having a license if one is required. Last but not least, get a quote before giving him the  job and request that satisfaction be guaranteed before payment is recieved. .

How it Works if Your A Lawn Maintenance Contractor

This site provides a way for land owners to find lawn maintenance contractors. If your a lawn maintenance contractor (AKA Yardguy) simply click on the "Lawn Contractors Sign Up Here" link on the main page and enter information that would help a yard owner to find you. Make sure you enter your email correctly or you will not receive the validation email. Also choose a password for the site that you don't use on other sites. The information you provide will be searchable by zipcode and viewable in your Profile. List all the services you provide including winter services, spray washing, etc. When you add your gravitar(picture) it make take a few minutes to update so please be patient. For help on Gravatars go to Gravatar Support. Likewise when you sign up it may take several minutes to receive a confirmation email so again please be patient. To see a sample profile page enter 42502 into the zipcode search for land owners and click on one of the blue links. Remember that no one at Lawnsearch will ever request any personal information other than what is on the sign up form. That's it! 

Contractors- Why Create a Lawnsearch profile? A Lawnsearch profile is easy to create and helps you get noticed by prospective clients. It cost nothing to create a profile. Below are some of the benefits.

1. Lawnsearch profiles show up at the top of the search result. 

2. More information can be provided including narrowed service area.

3. An email is required which gives the prospective client more confidence in being able to contact you. 

4. A webpage link or link to another search site can be provided. 

5. You can change your profile easily as you change phones, location or email addresses.

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