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There are many benefits of being in the outdoors. Walking thru nature and even just looking at nature can have a healing affect on a person. Whether it be a private yard or an urban landscape we all need nature especially in this digital age where most of the time we are confined to buildings. Children and pets love being outside. It's relaxing to watch them and healthy for them also. To find out more about the benefits of enjoying your outdoor space visit National Association of Landscape Professionals.

My name is Don Bryant and I live in the BlueGrass State of Kentucky. We have a lot of grass here in Kentucky. Most Kentuckian's have big yards. Yards all over the country need mowed whether by a fortune 500 company or the kid next door. I want to connect Lawn Maintenance Contractors (AKA "Yard Guys) and people that need their yard mowed or trimmed. This site is free to use but please be respectful of others and don't abuse the site or other users. Lawn services are the main focus of this site however contractors can also list services such as snow removal, gutter cleaning etc.

This app was written in Ruby Rails following the Michael Hartl tutorial from Railstutorial.org. A special thanks to Michael Hartl.